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This DaVinci Resolve Course, will get you color grading like a pro, in No Time.

No Film School

Your tutorials are AWESOME!

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Just finished watching your Resolve course. That was what I needed!

Dave Dugdale

One of the best places to learn Resolve is Film Simplified.

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Lifetime access, with all future updates.

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To start editing with Davinci Resolve.

For the Absolute Beginner

No prior knowledge of DaVinci Resolve or even film editing is required.


Alex simplifies complex topics by breaking them down into easy-to-digest videos and heavily using annotations.


You’re a busy filmmaker. We get that. That’s why this course is fast and to the point, so you wont waste time.

Alex Jordan

Alex Jordan is the founder of,, and

He's a DP, colorist and editor who’s worked with global companies such as Mercedes, L’Oreal, and Mars. Alex is passionate about teaching, color grading and filmmaking.

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50% Off

Lifetime access, with all future updates.

$129 $59 Only