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BONUS:  Vivid Pro LUTs ( more than 200 modular LUTs)

This DaVinci Resolve Course, will get you color grading like a pro, in No Time.

No Film School

Your tutorials are AWESOME!

Small HD

Just finished watching your Resolve course. That was what I needed!

Dave Dugdale

One of the best places to learn Resolve is Film Simplified.

Premium Beat


Lifetime access to all 3 courses, VIVID LUTs and all future updates


This is the easiest and fastest way to start using the Hollywood standard for color grading, in no time.

Regular price $229


start editing with Davinci Resolve. Now, you can edit right inside Resolve. You won’t need to round-trip, or pay for your NLE anymore.

Regular price $129


Download our before and after grading ProRes files, and try to match them. Then, watch the real grading sessions for the same footage, to compare your methods, to how it was colored in the actual grading session.

Regular price $59


The pack (205 LUTs) utilizes our unique “Modular” approach, allowing you to stack LUTs on top of each other to achieve advanced looks, in no time.

Regular price $120

Alex Jordan

Alex Jordan is the founder of and

He is a colorist and DP who’s worked with global companies such as Mercedes, L’Oreal, and Mars.

He is passionate about teaching, color grading and filmmaking.

This would have cut a great deal of time off of my learning curve if it was available when I started.

Woody Sanford

It's really a challenge to create a course that neither moves along with the material too fast or too slow. This one moved along at a very pleasing pace. I never felt lost because it was going too fast or bored because it was going slow.

Billy Sheahan

Great course!
Very informative and thoroughly explained. Alex is a great teacher.

Paul Wie

Easily the best DaVinci Resolve course online. Thank you Alex.

Aksel Rifman

Hands down one of the best DaVinci Resolve learning courses I have come across.

Miguel E-Noel

Straight Forward Awesome Course.
I’ve learnt what others might take months if not years to learn within just a couple of days.


Fast and to the point. Thanks Alex.


All courses come with 30-Day money back guarantee.