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50% Off Full Library

more than 200 modular LUTs

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The first all-modular film-emulation LUT pack.
Includes more than 200 3D LUTs

The Only Modular LUT Pack

Our modular LUTs are designed from the ground up to be “stacked” on top of each other, where every LUT performs a single task. You can create any look you want, no matter how complex it is, simply by stacking the right LUTs on top of each other.

Film-Look Emulation

VIVID PRO LUTs are designed to emulate the most popular feature film genres.
They are all designed to be extremely color accurate and to take special care of skin tones. Our LUTs are designed with skin-tone protection and extreme highlight rolloff protection, built-in.

Highlight Protection

The organic film look is really hard to emulate. One of the areas where most LUTs fail, is highlight protection and rolloff.
VIVID PRO LUTs is the only pack with special LUTs designed from the ground up to add contrast with EXTREME HIGHLIGHTS PROTECTION.
Give your film the organic film look you want, by applying the no.1 rule in professional film grading… preserving the natural highlight rolloff.

Works With All Color Spaces

The pack includes special LUTs to correct some of the most popular color profiles.
Whether you’re using Sony’s S-LOG, Canon CineStyle or LOG formats, you will find multiple LUTs to deal with each format, in order to get the most natural and organic look, without sacrificing the highlights.

Supports Most Platforms And Cameras

Softwares: VIVID Pro LUTs will work in MOST editing and grading environments. This includes DaVinci Resolve, Adobe SpeedGrade, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, AVID Media Composer and more.
Cameras: VIVID Pro LUTs are compatible with all current-production cameras, including Arri Alexa, RED, BMC 4K/URSA, C100/300/500 and all Sony models with S-Log support.


Free Training Course

Our LUT pack comes with our LUT training course. We’ll show you exactly how to use them and push your colors to the limit.
The course explains what modular LUTs are, and provide examples of how to get the film look you are after using our pack.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Alex Jordan

Alex Jordan is the founder of,, and

He's a DP, colorist and editor who’s worked with global companies such as Mercedes, L’Oreal, and Mars. Alex is passionate about teaching, color grading and filmmaking.

50% Off Full Library

more than 200 modular LUTs

$120 $59 Only